Past Presidents Honored

A recent luncheon hosted by the Strimbu Memorial Fund Board of Directors honored its past presidents. Honored were John “Chip” Mastrian, Paul O’Brien, the late Gary Meszaros and Ed Wilson. Accepting the award for Gary is his wife Katie Meszaros.

Admiring the award given to John “Chip” Mastrian are Past President Paul O’Brien, current President Jim Grasso and Board Member Bill Perrine.

Past Present Ed Wilson, center, is surrounded by Paul O’Brien, a past president; Katie Meszaros and standing are Bill Strimbu and President Jim Grasso.

Past Presidents Paul O’Brien and Ed Wilson, reminisce with Katie Meszaros, who received the award for her late husband Gary Meszaros, while Bill Strimbu and SMF President Jim Grasso look on.