Strimbu Memorial Fund Donates Campus Touring Vehicle to YSU

YOUNGSTOWN-Continuing in its mission of supporting local development, charitable contributions and college scholarships, the Strimbu Memorial Fund has taken another step to ensure that the Youngstown State University campus and surrounding areas are highlighted appropriately when YSU President Jim Tressel, “shows off” what it has to offer.


Monday evening, Aug. 21, the board of directors of the Strimbu Memorial Fund donated a new John Deere four seat Gator crossover utility vehicle to YSU, customized with YSU colors and graphics, power steering, turn signals, four-wheel drive and a safety beacon on top, for use by President Jim Tressel as he gives tours of the campus.

“President Tressel is doing such a wonderful job uplifting and showcasing YSU and our entire region that we wanted to do something in return,” said William Strimbu, a YSU alumni and president of Nick Strimbu, Inc. in Brookfield. It was for Strimbu’s father, the late Nick Strimbu Jr., that the SMF was established to perpetuate the legacy of his charitable giving.

“I recently went on a tour of the YSU campus with President Tressel and saw there definitely needed to be an upgrade in his mode of transportation. He was driving a golf cart that is just not equipped and capable of safely moving through the campus and campus streets,” Strimbu explained. “The Strimbu Memorial Fund wanted YSU to have the ability to give tours showcasing what the college and area have to offer and do it in style as well as in safety.”

The Gator, supplied by Cope Farm Equipment, Inc. in Kinsman, has been custom painted with YSU colors, thanks to Advanced Auto Body in Sharon and is complete with YSU graphics donated by Water Drop Media, Vienna.

Since its creation in 1990, the Strimbu Memorial Fund has provided millions of dollars in donations and scholarships. The fund also supports local economic development and many charitable organizations. It has a major event that has enabled it to perpetuate Nick Strimbu Jr.’s legacy, the annual Strimbu Memorial Fund Barbeque. Held each May, the event hosts over 1,600 people and has sold out every year since its inception.

This year, the fund awarded fourteen $2,000 and one $10,000 college scholarships to local high school seniors planning to further their education. Leadership and self-reliance are the two most important criteria that are required to receive one of these scholarships.

At next year’s barbeque scheduled for May 4, 2016, in addition to the $2,000 scholarships awarded to college-bound students, those attending YSU will be eligible for an additional $1,000 scholarship.